Beauty Basics on a Budget Seminar

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The 1st ever Beauty Basics on a Budget was held this past fall in Detroit, Michigan. It was a huge success! Please check back as I will be hosting more Beauty Basis on a Budget seminars in New York, Detroit, and Chicago for 2012! This is such a great opportunity for women to bring their basic makeup collection and learn tips and tricks with what you have. Can't wait to roll out plans for 2012!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics New Brushes: Obsessed!

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If you are looking for good brushes, check out the brushes at Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics!

New at 'B Stands for Beauty' -

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New to 'B Stands for Beauty' is The B Word!! The B Word is a weekly commentary from me about. . . whatever comes to mind. It will be related to my life and this journey to be successful in my career!
I hope to hear from you!

My Best Friend...A Lawyer!

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Shout out to my best friend, Delilah P. Strickland! She just completed Law School! I will be getting my friend back in just a few weeks once she takes the bar exam!

Her only request was that I be there to do her makeup and lashes. Go figure :-)

Brandalyn Featured on

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Stylecaster is a women's fashion, beauty, and lifestyle interactive online experience.

Check out Brandalyn at Stylecaster Studios!

Hey all,

I've been super busy working on tons of stuff, but I had time to try this new cleanser. Check out why I am loving the Deep Penetrating Skin Cleanser from SKIN by Monica Olsen on This That Beauty Blog!

Also check out the details for Demeter Roll On Perfume Oil an affordable holiday stocking stuffer that smells delightful.

People ask me all the time what products to use so feel free to drop me a message or check out B Stands for Beauty or This That Beauty for amazing beauty product suggestions!

Until next time... Gotta Run!

Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. work can be found at
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Photo Courtesy: Sherry Blossom Beauty

AJ Crimson, makeup artist to Brandy, Estelle, Keisha Cole, Lauren London, Letoya Luckett, just to name a few, owns with Keisha Whittaker, the fabulous lip gloss line, Kissable Couture. I love these lip glosses and it never fails when I have one in my purse, someone always begs to take it (usually they win)!

I am giving away the 2011 Kissable Couture Holiday gift set which includes five beautiful shades: Dreams, Dylan, Johnny, Honesty, and Forest!

A closer look...

Just post a comment below saying why you love lip gloss with your email address! I will select a winner on December 20th! Happy Holidays :-)

Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. Her work can be found at

Lately, I've been using Korres Anti Aging Eye Primer and I must say it works! Let me explain, what "it works" means in Brandalyn's world. The basic function of an eye primer is to even out the texture of the eyelid so eye shadow goes on smooth and usually more vibrant (gives something for the shadow to adhere to other than skin). Some primers also prevent eye shadow creasing. Yes, eye shadows can crease or wear down throughout the day depending on your skin chemistry.

As a society we are becoming more educated and consumers want affordable organic, all-natural cosmetic products. Korres is a company that is passionate about homeopathic beauty and scientific research. I was thoroughly impressed with the primer because it made my eye shadow go on smooth, made the skin on my eyes feel good, didn't crease, and it lasted all day (my all day is about 15 hours)!

I'm a few weeks away from 28 :-) and I need all the anti-aging I can get!! The oak and quercetin extracts are antioxidants that reduce the signs of aging (fine lines and wrinkles). I am huge fan of anything that will improve skin texture and this product has been doing that for me.

The primer also has a slight apricot or peach tone and can be used underneath the eye. This is a new function for eye primer to assist with the longevity of products underneath the eye. The tone of the primer also helps cancel out discoloration around the eye. Multi-functional, smart, extremely innovative products will be the new thing for makeup!

So my friends, if you are going green and are trying to incorporate more natural products in your makeup bag, explore Korres. You can find Korres and the Anti-Aging Eye Primer at Sephora and Ulta for $21.

Have you tried a primer? What do you currently use?

Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. Her work can be found at
Please check out! I will be contributing several times a month to this fabulous blog owned by Felicia Walker Benson. Get to know Felicia and This That Beauty here.

I met Felicia in 2010 at the LA Makeup Show and I have been an avid reader of This That Beauty ever since.

My first post is live reviewing Cetaphil RestoraDerm™ Body Wash . Every post will have a Pro Makeup Artist Tip attached to it. There is a great deal of information regarding winter skin care as well. Be sure to check it out and tell all of your friends!

I will definitely let you know when posts go live! Read on...

Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. Her work can be found at

I am very excited to announce that I will be working with Stila Cosmetics as a freelance artist. I have been wanting to work with them for some time and I am finally getting the chance! I love the brand and their mission statement, "Makeup as individual as your style!"

Come visit me at the Sephora - 5 Times Square tomorrow from 2-9pm. I will be available for makeup demos and to teach everyone about this amaaazing brand!

Other days I will be working with Stila Cosmetics this month are below:

Sephora - 76 Broadway on December 9th from 12-7 PM
Sephora - 5 Times Square on December 15th from 12-7 PM
Macy's Herald Square on December 17th from 12-6 PM

I mentioned some of my favorite Stila products in another post you can find here. If you want an amazing eye shadow palette for the holidays, check out the In The Light Palette. It has all the basic colors you need to create a natural eye and smoky eye! It even comes with a Smudge Stick. This palette has over $100 worth of shadows and is only $39.

I am so beginnings :-D

Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. Her work can be found at
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