Beauty Basics on a Budget Seminar

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The 1st ever Beauty Basics on a Budget was held this past fall in Detroit, Michigan. It was a huge success! Please check back as I will be hosting more Beauty Basis on a Budget seminars in New York, Detroit, and Chicago for 2012! This is such a great opportunity for women to bring their basic makeup collection and learn tips and tricks with what you have. Can't wait to roll out plans for 2012!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics New Brushes: Obsessed!

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If you are looking for good brushes, check out the brushes at Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics!

New at 'B Stands for Beauty' -

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New to 'B Stands for Beauty' is The B Word!! The B Word is a weekly commentary from me about. . . whatever comes to mind. It will be related to my life and this journey to be successful in my career!
I hope to hear from you!

My Best Friend...A Lawyer!

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Shout out to my best friend, Delilah P. Strickland! She just completed Law School! I will be getting my friend back in just a few weeks once she takes the bar exam!

Her only request was that I be there to do her makeup and lashes. Go figure :-)

Brandalyn Featured on

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Stylecaster is a women's fashion, beauty, and lifestyle interactive online experience.

Check out Brandalyn at Stylecaster Studios!

I wouldn't consider myself a product junkie, but I tend to try different products (ALL THE TIME) out of curiosity and to increase my product knowledge. I will admit if I go to a Target, CVS, Duane Reade, or Walgreens with a beautiful, very tantalizing looking Beauty Department it is hard for me to resist buying something just to try. The CVS Beauty Club, Buy One Get One free or half off deals are the best when trying out something new. Sometimes I buy stuff and I hate it or may find that it does not live up to its claims. Other times, I find things and are surprisingly impressed!

I am having a beauty love affair with with Rimmel London Volume Accelerator Mascara with Avec Volume Boosting Complex.

I love this mascara because the brush really allows the product to fully coat the lashes. It does say Volume Accelerator, but I find this mascara to be more of a defining, separating, and lengthening product. I like to apply 3-4 coats and that gives me what I need. My lashes are non existent without mascara, but the right mascara will have people asking me, "do you have on lashes?"
Wet n Wild makeup has been in my life over half my life! This isn't a new product, but I consistently find myself telling others about the Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Liner. There have been times when I leave the theater late and have to be on set extremely early the next morning. I have been reorganizing my kit at 1 am and realize I didn't replace a, b, or c. I discovered this at a 24 hour Duane Reade one early morning. It works and last all day! I was shocked! I constantly find myself buying it for myself now...because it works! I do not recommend using the brush that comes with it. There are better options out there, but in a pinch with the right precision, one can work it out!!

I am starting to be known as the girl with the bold lip. It appears that I love this trend no matter if its "trending" or not. My latest obsession is the Color Sensational Lipstick from Maybelline. They have tons of options (54 to be exact)! My favorites are Red Revolution and Fifth Avenue Fuchsia! The display is pretty easy to navigate. All the shades are split up by color family and this product was relatively cheaper ($2 less) than some of the Revlon and L'oreal options (just sayin')! This lipstick felt moisturizing on my lips and had a nice sheen, but not too glossy. It had lots of pigment so lasted on the lips even while I was drinking. Its is not long wearing, but a nice stain remained even as my night wore on.

What are some of your drugstore favorites? I can go on for days....

Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. Her work can be found at
Last week I worked with America's Next Top Model Eugena Washington in Brooklyn. The beauty shoot was for a Nigerian magazine called Mania Magazine. I enjoyed working with Olivia (photographer) and Tosin (stylist)! Such a great team! I will let you know when the magazine launches just in time for the holidays! Stay Tuned :-)

Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. Her work can be found at

I was selected by Beauty Stat to be a Consumer Ambassador. My responsibility was to try a beauty product for several weeks and to report via video a review.

Dr. Jules Nabet is a world renowned aesthetics doctor with skin care clinics in Paris and London. He is best known for his research in anti aging and hormone replacement ingredients. In May of 2011, Dr. Nabet released his skincare line in the United States.

I tried the Zen Attitude Cream courtesy of
Check out the video for a quick review! For detailed ingredients, read below.

I encourage you all to check out Until November 30th, you can receive 30% off your order by entering ILOVENABET at the checkout.

For those that know me very well, I am very big on ingredients. I also love when dermatologist's have makeup/skincare lines because I am always running to the dermatologist to stay current on my skincare regimen. I also like to have some medical insight on skincare products to enhance my own knowledge for my clients.

Dr. Nabet's anti aging research is important to me because who doesn't want to look young. Obviously, we all will age, but we should do it gracefully, right? The Zen Attitude Cream is apart of the revitalization group of his skincare line. It includes ingredients such as glycerin, coconut oil, soy and yam which are key to rejuvenation and maintaining a smooth appearance. When using this product my skin felt supple and renewed.

I am extremely busy and I stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and tea. The Zen Attitude Cream helped my skin to stay hydrated even while travelling. As mentioned in the video, it includes sodium hyluaronate which is an extreme form of penetration and moisture retention, but please do not depend solely on your skincare to hydrate your skin. Make sure you are eating good foods and water to hydrate your skin from the inside. Vitamin E and Vitamin F are included to destress the skin. There are so much free radicals and environmental factors that can stress the skin and I love that the cream is rejuvenating, calming, and most of all moisturizing to the skin.

The Zen Attitude Cream was originally designed for women over 40, but it is most effective at every age. It is ideal for busy people as well as travelers. However, you must check your bag because this product is too large to carry on. I would suggest moving the cream into a smaller container.

Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. Her work can be found at
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