Beauty Basics on a Budget Seminar

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The 1st ever Beauty Basics on a Budget was held this past fall in Detroit, Michigan. It was a huge success! Please check back as I will be hosting more Beauty Basis on a Budget seminars in New York, Detroit, and Chicago for 2012! This is such a great opportunity for women to bring their basic makeup collection and learn tips and tricks with what you have. Can't wait to roll out plans for 2012!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics New Brushes: Obsessed!

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If you are looking for good brushes, check out the brushes at Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics!

New at 'B Stands for Beauty' -

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New to 'B Stands for Beauty' is The B Word!! The B Word is a weekly commentary from me about. . . whatever comes to mind. It will be related to my life and this journey to be successful in my career!
I hope to hear from you!

My Best Friend...A Lawyer!

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Shout out to my best friend, Delilah P. Strickland! She just completed Law School! I will be getting my friend back in just a few weeks once she takes the bar exam!

Her only request was that I be there to do her makeup and lashes. Go figure :-)

Brandalyn Featured on

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Stylecaster is a women's fashion, beauty, and lifestyle interactive online experience.

Check out Brandalyn at Stylecaster Studios!

I have always been a very vocal person. Amongst my friends, please count on me to say what I need to say. I pride myself on being open and honest with people with the hopes they understand that whatever I am saying is coming from a genuine place. However, it seems that with getting older, one gains wisdom to to be vocal at the appropriate time. It is true that it is not always best to be "the one" who is known to always have something to say. I have said the wrong thing at times and believe me I have paid for it. Voicing your opinion is one thing, but speaking up and advocating for your needs and wants is another.

I am encouraging people to speak up for the right reasons. A lot of great opportunities have been placed in my life based on the fact that I spoke up and asked for what I wanted or needed. I have spoke up, introduced myself or started a conversation with someone I didn't know. I have sent emails and ask non-intrusive questions to people who may be able to give me good advice. When you receive someone's business card, use it. The internet and social media is a valuable resource if used correctly. Facebook and Twitter can be used to gain information as well as connect with people you may not have a chance to meet in person. What a wonderful way to speak up...without having to talk :-)

I'm writing this as a reminder to myself as well. Moving to New York City has taken me away from my true self just a little. It is very overwhelming at times and I forget to speak up sometimes. I still consider myself to be new here and I find myself still trying to take everything in. I have to remind myself to speak up and be my very own advocate! A dear friend reminds me all the time that "a closed mouth, won't get fed." I need to EAT!



Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. She is also Beauty Editor of Hope Today Magazine. Her work can be found at
I got the details about the hottest Beauty Tools sold at Bergdorf Goodman from Felicia Walker-Benson, Editor of at the BE Beautiful Event.

Here are a few products worth checking out...

If you are looking to be your own dermatologist please consider the Clarisonic Classic Cleaning System. This system can be used daily. It rejuvenates the skin by deeply cleaning and allows it to be prepared to maximize the benefits of all the products in a skin care regimen (i.e. toners, serums, moisturizers). There are specific heads used for the face and the body. There is also a travel system as well, the Clarisonic Mia.
Clarisonic Classic Cleaning System, $195. Bergdorf Goodman.

I definitely have my eye on the Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System! Many of you may not know, but the skin around my eyes and signs of aging is my number one skincare concern! This system uses Sonic technology to maximize the penetration of serums through the delicate layers of skin around the eye. It comes with the Anti-Aging Sea Serum, but can be used with any eye serum product. With the help of the Opal it massages the product into your skin better than your finger ever can!

Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System, $245. Bergdorf Goodman.

I am truly amazed at the technology that has left the dermatologist and/or facialist office and is now ready for at home use. Tria Skin Clarifying System stops the cycle of acne with the use of blue light. Felicia saw a difference in specific areas where she had acneic problems.

Tria Skin Clarifying System, $295. Bergdorf Goodman.

I also got to try the NuFace System which is a micro current device used to tighten skin and muscles. Micro current technology has been used for over 60 years in aestethics and this is the first FDA approved at home device. I felt the current and am intrigued by this beauty gadget. This facial toning system is now a well known secret of celebrities walking the red carpet. They say it is like Pilates for the!

NuFace System Kit, $325. Bergdorf Goodman.

Many people want to see tangible results from their skincare regimens that they are performing at home. Dermatologists have started to create products for people to use in between visit. After speaking with Felicia and Bergdorf's Beauty Advisors many Beauty Tools will eliminate the need to spend so much time at the dermatologist. These products are preventative, but its not too late. Even if you are experiencing issues with lack of radiance and aging, incorporating a good skincare regimen in addition to Beauty Tools will increase the luminosity in your skin.

For more information about beauty products sold at Bergdorf's visit their blog for a personal review from Felicia Walker-Benson. For my readers who are not in NYC, many of the products can be found at any high-end department store or online.

Felicia sharing her experiences with Lauren Napier, Makeup Artist.

Dora, Business Manager at Bergdorf's demonstrating at home laser technology to
Kevin James Bennett, Makeup Artist

Jennifer James, Makeup Artist & Zee Connor, Editor-at-Large

Zee Connor, Editor-at-Large & Myself

Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. She is also Beauty Editor of Hope Today Magazine. Her work can be found at

I came across an article on about club promoters in Columbus, Ohio using skin color as their promoting tactic. View article here.

It made its way to the world of Twitter and even received it oWn hashtag #lightskinvsdarkskin. For those not familiar with Twitter, placing a hashtag on a word or group of words makes it easily searchable and creates a sub-community of tweets around a certain topic.

When I read the article, I immediately dismissed it, but then I saw the poll so I voted. That additional 30 seconds I spent engaged in this article brought to surface from my subconscious my own personal childhood war with skin tone. I immediately got on the phone with a friend and she reminded me of a promoter in Detroit who once used a promoting tactic to let light skin girls in for free. She expressed her struggle with skin color as well.

As a child I struggled with embracing, accepting, and loving myself for my own skin complexion. As a society and specifically in the African American community I wonder when will it every stop! It has been a long struggle of fighting with my inner thoughts. Thoughts that somehow were placed in my mind from things I learned at school, television, and other experiences that shaped my childhood.

At the age of 27, it feels good to be mentally free from the name calling and “indirect” compliments. I look at myself now knowing, believing, and exuding the confidence of being me – beautiful. No longer do I look to date lighter skinned men in fear my children will be dark skinned. I can have dolls that are dark skinned and not throw a temper tantrum for my mother to buy the lighter version of the selection. (I usually never got what I wanted! Thanks Mom :-) When I hear the comment, “I don’t do dark skinned girls,” I am no longer offended.

I have seen plenty of party promotions in my day and this is by far the worst. I am deeply saddened by this display of ignorance and not one soul should step foot in this venue (scheduled to be held today, January 21st) or support these promoters in the future.

The struggle to overcome this is recent and real. There is nothing I can do about my skin tone, but to accept it and thank goodness I have. I no longer am a slave to the thought that to be light is right.

I can’t control the world, but I can control my thoughts and what I believe. I am thankful that I am at peace with issue!


B from ‘B Stands for Beauty’

Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. She is also Beauty Editor of Hope Today Magazine. Her work can be found at

Got a chance to use my new 100% Vegan brushes from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics on set today and I am ... OBSESSED! I guess that is what they wanted :-)

I am amazed at these synthetic brushes. It is a perfect blend of taklon and nylon fibers. Don't be fooled! These are NOT natural hair (no goat, sable, etc.) brushes, but perform just like or even better than some natural hair brushes I have in my kit. They were very easy to use during makeup application. I actually found the foundation and concealer brushes to be softer and more forgiving than other lines I have used in the past.

#004 Tapered Blending Brush

My absolute favorite brush is the #004 Tapered Blending Brush and #007 Large Shader Brush! I highly suggest all of them, but I fell in love with these two the most after being on set all morning. I used the #004 to contour the eye and blend crease. I like blending, but some blending brushes are so massive for the eye area. I like how this is tapered and more suitable for that space. It allows you to have a bit more control.

#007 Large Shader Brush

The #007 Large Shader Brush is very versatile and can be used for powder or cream products. I found it great for concealer to buff and blend the product virtually to nothing. The talent had great skin so small amounts of product was used in particular places.

I am always impressed with OCC Products and the tradition continues. To my readers, I highly suggest all of these brushes. Enhance your makeup by using high quality brushes, visit OCC to get more details!

Note: Not pictured is the #001 Powder Brush.

Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. She is also Beauty Editor of Hope Today Magazine. Her work can be found at
Are you obsessed with the beauty department in the drug store? ME TOO!
Just purchased the Black Radiance Under Eye Concealer for $5.99 at Walgreens and I love it! If you have darker skin, this might be the answer for an inexpensive high quality product. It is difficult to find shades that are warm, not too red, and not too muddy or grayish looking. I actually found that the Light to Medium shade worked perfectly on me and my friend Delilah.

I did her makeup for her Law School Graduation this past weekend.

This product has a cream stick formula concealer as well as a liquid formula in one product. It is suggested that the cream be used around the eyes and the liquid be used to to conceal fine lines and imperfections. Either way it gives you versatility to cover up whatever you like. The coverage is buildable so I would suggest even wearing it by itself for a quick touch up here and there.

Try it! Let me know what you think :-)

Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. She is also Beauty Editor of Hope Today Magazine. Her work can be found at
Just got a chance to do my red carpet ritual and I was thoroughly thoroughly impressed with La La Vasquez at VH1's Critics' Choice Movie Awards last night.

That "old school" idea that white cannot be worn between Labor day and Memorial day is just that...OLD. La La was hosting the Red Carpet and the white dress she wore caught my eye. I love the romantic goddess feel to her entire look.

I also liked her hair swept off to the side in a chignon-like bun The stylized bang and everything is the perfect balance to feature her makeup, jewelry, and dress. Kudos to her hair stylist, Crystal Blings. She can be found on Twitter @crystalblings. Amazing work!

Her makeup is an ideal brown smoky eye with a subtle but noticeable lip color. Women should not be afraid to wear a little pink which is a step up from the conventional nude lip. So while her eyes are still the focus we still see her lip - not too nude or too overdone. Again, kudos to her makeup artist who can be found on Twitter at @OfficialSheik.

Options! Options! Options! Check out La La, later that night, at the Critics' Choice Award Movie After Party and at W Magazine's Celebration of Golden Globes at Chateau Marmot in LA. She let loose her chignon and now ready to party with long luscious waves!

Absolutely stunning!

Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. She is also Beauty Editor of Hope Today Magazine. Her work can be found at
2011 Awards Season has officially begun! I rarely watch television (It is actually on my list of things to do this year...relax and watch tv). I wasn't able to catch the People's Choice Awards last night, but my ritual is to always always always look at the images the next morning to see who wore what, who's look caught my eye, etc. etc.

Selena Gomez did it for me!

She won best Breakout Artist beating Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars.

This singer, actress, and philanthropist is a wonderful role model and looked amazing!

Her makeup, hair, dress was so well put together. I love the soft pink neutral lip and subtle pink blush. Her bronzer is appropriately placed and not overdone. The loose curls tossed to one side is beautiful and looks great with her one shoulder dress.

Perfect look for the Sapphire Carpet!

Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. She is also Beauty Editor of Hope Today Magazine. Her work can be found at
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Kudos to Blair Sandlain and Kijafa Frink of Accessories! Last night was their Holiday Soirée at Kiss & Fly in the Meat Packing District of New York City. is an online accessories boutique featuring high fashion items that are great quality and affordable. If you don't have Accessories...please make sure you do this year!!

Philadelphia Eagles’ Michael Vick’s Fiancee and Co-Owner, Kijafa Frink and French Vogue Model, Andre J hosted the event. There was live body painting by DEN ART, massages by Massage for Health & Fitness, and manicures by Luxe by TracyLee – Celebrity Nail Artist.

TracyLee - Celebrity Nail Artist & Serena

I really enjoyed myself and the music was great by DJ Chela and DJ Nickie. It was a great turnout! Congratulations Kajifa and Blair!

Brandalyn & Blair

Kijafa & Brandalyn

Follow PNKElephant on Twitter and definitely check out the website at!

Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. She is also Beauty Editor of Hope Today Magazine. Her work can be found at
Recently, I've notice that many have missed out on the POWER of Serums!

If you are concerned about your skin or would like to improve your skin care regimen, consider, no you MUST add a serum to your daily routine. Once used only by dermatologists and facialists during in office treatments, serums are readily available and now are very common and necessary for everyday consumers. While nothing cures everything, serums are highly concentrated formulas that can dramatically improve the overall appearance of your skin.

Serums will moisturize, revitalize, protect, and nourish your skin. Many of them will help minimize fine lines, wrinkles and boost the collagen in your skin (reduce the signs of old age). Serums are multivitamins for your skin layers packed with nutrients and antioxidants. This protects your skin from free radicals and harmful things in the environment.

Often it is common to think you have to spend a fortune to look good and this is not the case. A consistent skin care regimen and good habits is all you need. Below are a few serums I have used on my clients as well as in my own skincare regimen.

Always apply before using a great moisturizer and SPF. The moisturizer prevents the serum from evaporating and is additional and necessary protection for your skin.

Face Anti-Aging by Kinerase at ShopStyle

Kinerase C8 Peptide Treatment, $98.

The technology of peptides makes this product so special. Stimulate collagen, brighten/lighten skin, as well as reduce wrinkles from facial expressions.

Face Care by Origins at ShopStyle

Origins Modern Fusion, $39.50.

If your skin is lacking radiance this is a great choice. Major revitalization to skin cells. The best wake up call for your skin. You can feel the difference immediately. Rice complex will help restore the skin to a lustrous state.

Face Anti-Aging by Mario Badescu at ShopStyle

Mario Badescu Herbal Hydrating Serum, $30.

Great for all skin types even though its hydrating. The gel like serum is oil-free, lightweight and quickly absorbs. This is great for those who skin needs a big glass of water. It softens skins and maximizes the potential of your moisturizer.

So many brands now carry serums. Please try one out. Your skin will thank you for it.

If you have questions post them below, on Facebook or Twitter !

Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. She is also Beauty Editor of Hope Today Magazine. Her work can be found at
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