Beauty Basics on a Budget Seminar

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The 1st ever Beauty Basics on a Budget was held this past fall in Detroit, Michigan. It was a huge success! Please check back as I will be hosting more Beauty Basis on a Budget seminars in New York, Detroit, and Chicago for 2012! This is such a great opportunity for women to bring their basic makeup collection and learn tips and tricks with what you have. Can't wait to roll out plans for 2012!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics New Brushes: Obsessed!

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If you are looking for good brushes, check out the brushes at Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics!

New at 'B Stands for Beauty' -

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New to 'B Stands for Beauty' is The B Word!! The B Word is a weekly commentary from me about. . . whatever comes to mind. It will be related to my life and this journey to be successful in my career!
I hope to hear from you!

My Best Friend...A Lawyer!

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Shout out to my best friend, Delilah P. Strickland! She just completed Law School! I will be getting my friend back in just a few weeks once she takes the bar exam!

Her only request was that I be there to do her makeup and lashes. Go figure :-)

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Check out Brandalyn at Stylecaster Studios!

I have gotten so many compliments on the makeup look for my birthday, I decided to share my current skincare regimen and makeup colors! For those that know me well, I am very disciplined about my skincare regimen and I encourage everyone to do the same.

Just because I am a makeup artist doesn't mean I pound on the makeup. Actually I hardly ever wear foundation and for the record I don't even wear makeup everyday.

Note: I received a basic facial from Spa POSH in Northport, NY, one week before using Repechage Products. I had a few extractions. Also items in bold are the ones I used specifically for this look. I've included other products I use as well.

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser
I ran out of Exfoliant so I have been mixing a little sugar with my cleanser twice a week. I usually use Dermalogica Daily Microexfoliant, every other day.
Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Lotion
Since I was going out for the evening and wanted to look my best, I used the Glytone Essentials Boost Mini Peel Gel Mask on my face and neck.
Mario Badescu Herbal Hydrating Serum
Kinerase C8 Peptide Intensive Treatment
Striking Multi-Peptide Serum
Embroylisse Lait Creme Concentre Moisturizer
Kinerase SPF 30 Daily Defense Cream Moisturizer

Face Products...
Youngblood Cosmetics Minerals in the Mist RESTORE
MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer NC50(which is my desert island product...I MUST WEAR concealer)
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Deep Dark
FACE Atelier Cosmetics Skin Finish (I drench my face in this and wait!)

Brows - MAC Cosmetics Embark Eyeshadow
Underneath brow/Lid - FACE Atelier Cafe Au Lait Eye Shadow
Crease and eye liner - Youngblood Cosmetics Black Opal Eye Shadow
Mascara - FACE Atelier Sculpt Mascara
Lashes - Smashing 100% European Hair Lashes

FACE Atelier Cognac Bronzer as a highlight
Some peachy coral matte blush that has no name :-(

FACE Atelier Lipstick Revenge
FACE Atelier Lip Glaze Shiraz

If you have questions post them below, on Facebook or Twitter !


Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. She is also Beauty Editor of Hope Today Magazine. Her work can be found at

I was talking with a friend the other day and he asked me about his skin care regimen. Even though I am not a dermatologist I am always willing to lend an ear and a bit of advice on proper skin care technique because without good skin care knowledge, good makeup is hard to achieve. As a makeup artist, I am on a crusade to encourage my clients and my readers about proper skin care. It doesn't take a lot of money to invest in a few good products. In my opinion, good habits will also help your skin just as much as that "million dollar" product.

What prompted me to write this post is that there are a lot of misconceptions about how to care for your skin. There are some old school remedies that work, but more and more research is taking place and proper education should be reiterated constantly. Large pores, dry skin, and excess wrinkles are concerns for most people as they age. Simple things such as wearing an SPF at all times can help slow down the progression of large pores and excess wrinkles. Sunscreen is necessary for ALL complexions at ALL times of the year! Unprotected exposure to the sun can increase the size of your pores. UV rays penetrate the skin layer even when the sun is not out.

Sunscreen also can prevent other skin issues such as skin cancer. Skin cancer has become a very common form of cancer and it stems from overexposure to Ultraviolet (UV) rays. I encourage everyone, no matter your skin complexion, to wear a sunscreen on their face and body at ALL times of the year. It is necessary to wear SPF even when the sun is not visible to the naked eye. This does not include wearing a foundation that has SPF ingredients. If your foundation has SPF, great, but don't solely rely on that to protect your skin. It is best to wear a separate specific SPF or a moisturizer with SPF.

Your sunscreen should be applied after you moisturize your skin in the morning. (You are wearing moisturizer, right?. That is another post!) If you are going to be outdoors reapplying your sunscreen is necessary every 2-3 hours. Even if you have not been wearing a sunscreen its not too late. Starting now can help previous possible overexposure not become cancerous. Also you will be establishing good habits!

If you have questions about SPF, let me know! More Skincare Awareness coming soon...

Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. She is also Beauty Editor of Hope Today Magazine. Her work can be found at
I am just getting back into the swing of things. I am so fortunate to have worked at Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor, MI for their Fall Musical, Hairspray. I taught 13 girls wig and makeup tips and tricks which I called Wig & Makeup Boot Camp. The curriculum for the Boot Camp was intense. They learned Gender Transformation Makeup, Glamour Makeup, Age Makeup, Wig Prep, and Wig Maintenance, etc. These girls are fabulous and they pulled off a show with 35 wigs and prepared hair and makeup for 65 students total.

The Pioneer Theatre Guild Wig & Makeup Crew

For all production photos please visit, Myra Klarman's Blog . Below are some backstage photos I was able to snap despite all the madness. I can't wait to go back to Michigan (my home) and design Seussical in the Spring.

Tracy & Amber

Penny & Prudy


Brenda & Louann

Motormouth Maybelle & Corny Collins

Tammy & Mr. Pinky

2/3 of the Dynamites

Little Inez & Edna

Mr. Pinky's Assistants

Beatnik Chick

Dressers (Yes they needed wigs too)


Lauren working on Edna's 3rd look

Aaliyah adding Hair Accessory to Velma

We had a great time!

Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. She is also Beauty Editor of Hope Today Magazine. Her work can be found at
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On a recent job, I met entrepreneur and super fabulous Sandrysabel Ortiz! She is the designer of The Heel Condom, the most necessary shoe accessory! I am just in love with these and will be rocking them for a few shindigs this holiday season! Please go to the and check out "the ONLY condom you can reuse!"

Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. She is also Beauty Editor of Hope Today Magazine. Her work can be found at
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Happy Thanksgiving from!

There are so many things to be thankful for today. I am so happy to be living my dreams and pursing a wonderful career. I don't feel like I get up everyday and go to a job, but that I am embarking on a lifelong journey. I am tuned in all day, everyday. I do not clock out, because I enjoy my life as an artist and its so rewarding.

1. I thank God for watching over me and guiding me. Life is difficult and sometimes I do not know how I am going to make it from one day to the next, but I am reminded that I am not alone at anytime. He keeps giving me the opportunity to do the right thing. I am forever grateful!

2. I thank my family and friends for encouraging me and supporting me. My mom, brother, and extended family are the best; from P3 (recently expanded to P4 - Delilah, Natalie, & Jordan), to the Originals (Erica & Ashlee), My Partners in Crime (Shay & Penny), my Prehistoric Friend - we've been friends for over 20 years (Ashley), My Newest Bridal Party Members (Cherish & Raedawn)...I Love You! To all my friends I love you all too!

3. I am thankful for a clear mind and good physical health. Without good mental health, it is impossible to do anything.

4. I am thankful for people who have helped me get to this point in my life and my career...Professor Christianne Myers, Erin Kennedy Lunsford, Sarah Cimino, Ashley Hanson, Dawn Rivard, Mark Adam Rampmeyer, Mia Neal, James Vincent, Michael DeVellis, Debbie Bondar, Raedawn Johnson, Simmy Lipsman, Deshawn Hatcher, Wayne Bryan, Mark Madama, David Neville, and Helen Taynton. Thank you for believing me and taking the time to guide me!

5. I am also thankful for the strongest community out there...The Makeup Artist Community! From The Makeup Show, to IMATs, to #makeupmondays, beauty events, Fashion Week, #makeupchat, etc. etc. I have met so many wonderful artists who have become my friends and strongest support system. Thank You!

6. Lastly, I must thank my MAC girls from Ann Arbor, Michigan, 2004-2006! My manager Maria Vervaet, and co-workers/friends Kwajalynn (Penny) Burks, Jill Harrison, Jennifer Rich, and Beth Ogden. These women taught me the fundamentals of makeup and life. We have all gone our separate ways, but I am thankful for the times we shared at the MAC Cosmetics counter. Thanks Maria for giving me a chance and another chance and another chance.... :-)

Be sure to send a quick text, email, or place a call to those who have played a special role in your life. Happy Thanksgiving and have a wonderful holiday season!


Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City। She is also Beauty Editor of Hope Today Magazine। Her work can be found at

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I get many emails from newbies asking me how I got started as a makeup artist all the time. This whole makeup artist journey began as a college job sophomore year, however, the idea of being a Freelance Makeup Artist didn't manifest itself until I attended the first Makeup Show in New York City five years ago. A fellow makeup artist, Shay B, and I drove 10 hours overnight from Detroit to New York. We barely knew each other, but we both had to be at this monumental event. The Makeup Show (aka the auto show of beauty "Detroit terms") allowed me to connect with Professional Artists and Creative Professionals. The Makeup Show as well as other programs produced by The Powder Group has afforded me the opportunity to attend seminars, network and train with makeup artists willing to share their experiences, and provide access to top professional cosmetic companies. The celebration of makeup artistry and creative work is what I needed to begin my career. It was a necessary step from behind the makeup counter to solidify my quest as a freelance makeup artist.

Michael DeVellis, founder of The Powder Group and Original Producer of The Makeup Show has become one of my mentors and great friends. His recent position as Vice President of Pro & Retail Relations at Make Up For Ever has inspired me to continue on this great journey as a Makeup & Wig Artist. His vision for The Makeup Show and for the Makeup Artist community has enlightened me in a postive way! I recently got a moment to talk with him about his transition from The Powder Group to Make Up For Ever; life and passion!


Briefly tell me how you began in Makeup and what lead you to your passion, The Powder Group?

I started in makeup when I was a retail manager for MAC in Connecticut in the early ‘90s. At MAC I spend almost 9 of my 10 years, based in NYC, working with the pro side of the business, developing the MAC PRO program and Artist Relations department, Master Class program and so on. It was then that I fell in love with the professional makeup artist industry. The creativity, the drive, the passion involved were amazing to me. I left MAC after nearly a decade there to broaden the scope of what I had been doing and bring a non-brand related education and inspiration to the makeup artist community.

Being the creator and producer of The Powder Group and The Makeup Show, what are you most proud of?

Honestly what I am most proud of is the community that we have been able to help create in our industry. But if I were to choose one specific project I would say our Evolution program. The event is a five-day advanced artist program that we produce once a year in April, strictly limited to twenty participating artists, that focuses on creativity, artistry, personal growth and career. It is life changing, not only for the attendees, but for myself and James Vincent our Director of Artistry each time we produce it. Making an impact on someone’s life is a very humbling experience and we are very fortunate that we have been given the chance to do that.

Moving on from Producer of The Makeup Show, has it manifested in to everything you originally envisioned?

It absolutely has – and more! When I started the show I had anticipated we would go international within five years and it is just over that time period that the show is now launching in Berlin in 2011. We produced NY, Miami and Los Angeles, and the show is going to Chicago in 2011 as well. I am so proud of the way the show has grown and the way it continues to celebrate the artist!

What advice do you have for people wanting to change careers and pursue their dreams, like being a Makeup Artist or Creative Professional?

It is incredibly hard work. It is harder than you ever imagined and more. But following your passion is the most important thing you can do to live a fulfilled life and as cliché as it sounds, there is nothing more powerful than waking up every morning living your dreams.

Now you are the Vice President of Pro & Retail Relations at Make Up For Ever, what new projects or initiatives are you working on?

I’m really excited about the opportunity to have come on board with MAKE UP FOR EVER. The brand was one of the most supportive on every level to my projects at The Powder Group, and is one of the most truly pro-focused brands I’ve ever been a part of. We have so much evolution of the brand happening right now its amazing – especially on the pro side of the business. We just opened three store-in-store Boutiques at Sephora stores in NYC, Las Vegas and Southern California where artists can buy the pro-only artistic and FX products, and receive their professional discount as well. We have introduced a new series of pro-socials and seminar events at our NY Studio and we are working toward opening the MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy New York in early 2011. There are so many great things happening. Its really exciting.

Reflect on your growth as a person, makeup artist, educator, and visionary. What have you yet to accomplish?

There are a few personal and career path goals that I still have my eye on for the future, like pursuing artistic ventures in photography and painting further, writing more, getting back into more event production, and finding true focus and balance in my life. I’m also getting married next year to my boyfriend Brad, so a successful and happy marriage would definitely be on that list! (awww, tear...Congrats!)

What's next for The Powder Group?

We are right now putting the finishing touches on the next issue of On Makeup Magazine and will be a part of all of the 2011 The Makeup Show events of course as well. We are also launching another series of seminars this Fall through next Spring and we have a few new tricks up our sleeves as well that we’ll be talking more about early next year.

What has been your greatest lesson learned during your time in this industry?

There are so many things. Some of them have been validations on personal life choices I believe in like living with integrity, honesty, generosity and drive. But one important thing I’ve learned, that I try to include in every talk I give, is that you need to surround yourself with a great support system who believe in what you are working to accomplish in your career. I have been really fortunate to have had that in my life and its allowed me to take the risks I’ve had to take to move my life and career path forward.

For more information about The Makeup Show and The Powder Group, visit and . For more information about Make Up For Ever, visit

Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. She is also Beauty Editor of Hope Today Magazine. Her work can be found at

HAIRSPRAY The Musical!

Pioneer High School - Ann Arbor, MI

Would you like to work on the most important crew for this show! Its not called Costume-Spray or Prop-Spray... Its Hairspray! Join me in the most amazing experience for a Makeup and Hair Artist!

I need an assistant for the show Friday, November 12, Saturday, November 13, and Sunday, November 14. If you are looking to gain wig/makeup experience in theatre this is a great opportunity for you! This position is PAID.

  • Must be available for the Hairspray Production @ Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor, MI for the dates below
    • November 6th (evening) or 7th (afternoon) for training
    • November 12, 2010
    • November 13, 2010
    • Novemeber 14, 2010
  • Must have some makeup/hair/wig experience. (I will provide training on everything you may need to know)
  • Must be comfortable with leadership and giving directions. Must be able to work with high school students.
  • Must be able to work under pressure in a theatrical environment. Be willing and able to stay calm during quick changes.
  • Must be able to be knowledgeable and resourceful in my absence.

Please email your resume and letter of interest. I need to fill this position as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact me at

Thanks for your interest!

Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. She is also Beauty Editor of Hope Today Magazine. Her work can be found at
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I must operate on a different communication system then everyone else, because I coincidently walked into a Blogger Preview Night for the New Make Up For Ever Store in the Sephora - SOHO. I went to Sephora to meet my cousin to play consultant and guide her through her makeup shopping experience. We both got to experience what Make Up For Ever is rolling out across the country.

My dear friend and mentor, Michael Devellis, VP of Pro Artist Relations gave me a personal tour of the new space and had me mesmerized! Ok . . . Beauty Studios of NYC....Step Your Game Up!

The Make Up For Ever in Sephora will operate just like the legendary boutique in the West Village. Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, Entertainers etc. can apply and use their Backstage Discount Card at this location. Also there are two other locations opening up within the next 2 weeks in the Sephora stores of Costa Mesa, CA and Las Vegas, NV.

The innovation and accessibility of information is endless. There are face charts with color inspiration and product information literally at your finger tips via the IPAD's docked through out the store.

These locations will be the mecca of product knowledge and training. Your everyday consumer as well as makeup professional can take classes or sign up for small technique sessions. Most of these opportunities are complimentary with a purchase minimum. I am so impressed with the Choose Your Focus Technique Sessions. The sessions are 20 minutes and are categorized by level.
Below are the Focus options available:

Complexion Technique
High Definition Complexion - Level 1
Erasing Concerns: Undereye & Blemish Correction - Level 2
Extreme Coverage - Level 3

Eye Makeup Technique
Eye Makeup Basics: The Classic Contour - Level 1
Iconic Eyes: 1960's Mod Makeup - Level 2
Enhanced Eyes: Lift, Frame & Intensify - Level 2
Intense Smoky Eye - Level 2
Fundamental Brow Technique - Level 2
Eye Liner Technique - Level 3
Sparkle Eyes: Shimmers, Glitters, & Crystals - Level 3

Lip Technique
Lip Technique Basics: The Perfect Long Lasting Lip - Level 1
The Two Toned Lip - Level 2

There are other options available for a Complete Personalized Look - 60 Minutes, but I love these short and sweet technique options. It is great because the levels allow everyone to realize what it takes to build up certain makeup skills and applications. It provides structure so a customer is not asking for glitter - Level 3 etc., if you need to build a foundation with the basics - Level 1. The levels are in place to build the knowledge.

The store is beautiful and I am in love with the store setup and the companies' vision. I personally love how there are real images of people next to the foundation! This really is amazing and makes it easier for foundation realization. Its much better than a reprinted swatch of color.

Also I am in awe and can't wait to take a class using the interactive display. Michael gave me a brief demonstration. It will allow to virtually place makeup on the face. It will also allow you to upload a real image of a face and work directly from that drawing colors and understanding bone structure, etc.

I was able to chat with artists who have attended the Make Up For Ever Academy, which is opening soon in NYC, and have received training from Dany Sanz, Owner and Creator. For my New Yorkers please check out Nicole, Store Manager:

Anna and Val (NYC Artists & Educators).

The NYC SOHO location officially opens this Friday, October 2nd. Say hello to the staff and my friend Bethany who will be freelancing all weekend! GO MUFE! Congratulations on a job well done!

Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. She is also Beauty Editor of Hope Today Magazine. Her work can be found at

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I have 2 tickets available to see the West Side Story Broadway National Tour this Wednesday, September 29th at the Fisher Theater in Detroit, Michigan. See below for information to enter for ticket giveaway. The show is at 8 PM. Entries must be in by Tuesday, September 28th at 9 PM EST.

The West Side Story National Tour opens September 30th and will be in Detroit until October 16th. For more information, visit

I will select a winner at 10 PM EST.

You must follow B Stands for Beauty Blog and email
Email my favorite color or my favorite eyeshadow color
Your Phone Number

DEADLINE: Tuesday, September 28th 10 PM EST.

Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. She is also Beauty Editor of Hope Today Magazine. Her work can be found at
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I don't know where to begin about Friday, September 10, 2010, the Second Annual Fashion's Night Out. The City of New York was the the most invigorating place on Earth. What a perfect place and time to celebrate fashion and all of its unlimited possibilities.

I celebrated Fashion's Night Out in Tribeca with designer Anitra Michelle of Plutocracy for her Spring 2011 Presentation entitled "Mythical Mayhem." I love collaborating with fashion desginers and stylists. I took her inspirations and underlying themes and developed a makeup look that would be beautiful, complementary, as well as memorable. I used Face Atelier Cosmetics and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars.

Look 1 : Skin: FACE Atelier Cosmetics Opal Ultra Sheer. Light wash of OCC Makeup Lip Tar Katricia with Clear.

Left Picture: Look 2: Eyes; FACE Atelier Cosmetics Blue Steel Eye Shadow with Transforming Gel. Lip; OCC Makeup Safety Orange mixed with Grandma.

I prepped skin with Mario Badescu Herbal Hydrating Serum and EmbryoLisse Usa Lait-Crème Concentrè (24-Hour Miracle Cream). I kept the skin clean and youthful with FACE Atelier Cosmetics Ultra Foundation. Anitra is inspired by fantasy and considers herself a dreamer. She loves lashes and wanted them incorporated into the look. Elements of this look are achievable and are certified for the creatively polished.

Plutocracy is a very sophisticated stylish line with appropriate uses of textures and fabrics. Its perfect for the urban fashionista, like myself. I constantly found myself backstage taking notes on all the pieces I wanted. One of the best elements of the Spring 2011 is that the collection can go easily be worn as day wear into evening wear. Mythical Mayhem's key pieces emphasize and embraces the curves of a woman and embody the themes of American design with celebration of individualism and exploration.

After the show, I skipped over to Soho where it was packed! I will post more pictures soon. Stay Tuned.

Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. She is also Beauty Editor of Hope Today Magazine. Her work can be found at

As Beauty Editor of Hope Today Magazine, I was fortunate enough to have been invited to the 2010 WEEN Awards held in New York City. This past week, I joined hundreds of amazingly successful women to celebrate the strength of womanhood and honor Esther Silver-Parker, Nia Long, Angie Martinez, Letoya Luckett, Soledad O’Brien, and Hydeia Broadbent!

Adrene Ashford, Letoya Luckett, AJ Crimson, Brandalyn Fulton

Adrene Ashford, Fashion Editor of Hope Today Magazine, Celebrity Stylist, and owner of House of Adrene in Atlanta, Georgia and I had such a wonderful time at the VIP Cocktail Reception and covering the Pink Carpet. Look for an article at for a full awards recap very soon. WEEN stands for Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network. I joined their organization through their website several months ago, but now I make the promise to become active. It was a motivating experience and each presenter as well as award recipient had such powerful things to say. I am sure I speak for everyone in attendance.

Hydiea Broadbent and I are the same age and I am so moved by her strength and courage. I spoke with her briefly and she stressed the importance of being happy. "Empowerment comes from within and you truly have to happy." Soledad O’Brien’s speech as well as Nia Long’s speech was so memorable. Nia stressed the importance of loving oneself. “Love Yourself. That’s a hard thing to do because we have a history that tells us we are less than and not good enough. Take every moment to love yourself.”

Do I need to say anymore!?! I have always been committed to uplifting my community, but before you be can be the best resource, it is imperative you take time for yourself. That is what gives you the energy to pull someone up with you!

I thank WEEN and Hope Today Magazine for such a great night!

Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. She is also Beauty Editor of Hope Today Magazine. Her work can be found at
I met David Klasfeld, makeup artist and owner of OCC in April, 2005 at the International Beauty Show–New York. He had a booth promoting The Powder Group’s 1st annual Makeup Show and two pan lip products. Five years later, David’s line has over 100 products and is still launching new colors and products seasonally. On September 10th (Fashion’s Night Out 2010), OCC will be launching 6 new Lip Tar shades. They are fabulous and I cannot decide which color is my favorite!! I can’t wait to see these colors shape the trends for New York Fashion Week.

From left to right: Harlot, Strumpet, Trolley, Strutter, Stalker, and Trick.

Lip tar has the strongest pigment ever which makes it like a lipstick, but has the sheen of a satin-like gloss. A little goes a long way. Check out the entire Lip Tar Collection at Also the OCC Brush Collection will be launching soon. The brushes as well as the entire OCC line are Vegan friendly. Simply impressive!

I use David’s products in my makeup kit. He is a great friend, generous artist, and a true inspiration. Visit or the OCC Studio in the Chelsea District of New York City.

FYI: I am wearing OCC Strutter in my Welcome to B Stands for Beauty Video!
I had the pleasure to attend an exclusive beauty influencer event featuring dermatologist Dr. Jeanette Graf. I was uber excited because I talk beauty and health all the time. I am happy and honored to join the community of bloggers, beauty and fashion editors to learn and educate our society about trends and important beauty topics.
As a makeup artist and a person who takes pride in looking good, I am not here to just do makeup, but to be a resource and advocate for beauty.

Let me begin by thanking Kimberly Porter for inviting me and congratulations to Geneveive Santos of Gorgeous on the Go and Karen Oliver & Associates for hosting such a beautiful and informative event.

Dr. Graf is one of the most sought out experts on skin care in the United States. I am very familiar with her because I see her quoted in many top beauty magazines. This event was to discuss her new book Stop Aging, Start Living and to introduce the Revolutionary 2-week pH Diet. I am a proponent of having a dermatology visit at least once a year and a firm believer that your food intake and lifestyle is key to your health and skin appearance. Dr. Graf not only reinforced my beliefs but gave me key information to solidify and measure my daily activities to ensure a healthy lifestyle and beautiful skin.

I am in the process of reading the book, but the nitty gritty is that your pH level needs to be balanced to have youthful looking skin. No chemical, medicine, medical and/or cosmetic procedure can do the trick alone. Dr. Graf has discovered that through all her work as a dermatologist without proper digestion, joy, and proper pH balance your skin will be missing the beautiful glow we all want and seek to achieve. Your food intake and lifestyle must be in sync to achieve gorgeous skin. The appropriate pH level is 7.

Pictured: Me and Raedawn Johnson, Makeup Artist & NYC BFF

At the event a packet of pH strips were distributed and Dr. Graf’s book. I tested my pH level immediately and I was around a 7.5-8. Even if I was a 7, the information provided in this book is monumental and honey… I still got work to do!

This is important to me because not only do I want to look good, I also want to be a resource to anyone who may have troubled skin. While I am not a dermatologist, I have used many skincare products and as a makeup artist I care about skin and its appearance. Check back to see my progress in taking on Dr. Graf’s tips.

Brandalyn Fulton is a Makeup, Wig & Hair Artist residing in New York City. She is also Beauty Editor of Hope Today Magazine. Her work can be found at
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